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  An advanced energy healer, Rev. Maggie is a Medical Intuitive and past teacher for the School of Energy Mastery. Her training also includes study with the Deepak Chopra Center, Gateway Ministries, Flower Essence and Aromatherapy Certification.

Maggie’s one hour Intuitive consultation assists you in creating a personal flower essence formula designed to help you find peace
with your life issues.

These online flower cards will guide you to your own unique Flower Essence and Essential Oil blend.

Please read these directions ALL THE WAY THROUGH before you start.

There are several steps to this process and if you will follow these few directions you will find it relatively easy to create your own personal flower essence formula.

  1. Click on and BRIEFLY look at all 88 flower pictures.
  2. Go into a meditative state breathing down from heaven to earth and from earth up to heaven about 6 times.
  3. On the next breath feel your body and connect into where you have physical discomfort or pain.
  4. On the next breath find the "issue" you are working with. It could be an emotion, and it could be physical.
  5. Become very aware of the "issue" feeling it. Is there fear, anger, sadness, or frustration? Then notice where you feel that in your body.
  6. NOW look at each flower picture, finding the ones which you dislike the most and that you find the most beautiful. Both aspects of the flowers are important, they are not good/bad or right/wrong, they just speak to you louder than the other flowers.

Go to the flower cards
  7. Create your “PERSONAL PATH TO HEALING” by allowing your inner vision to pick the flowers that speak to your Soul.
  8. Send Maggie an email with a list of the top Three flowers that you LOVE and the top Three flowers that you DISLIKE.

Click here to email Maggie >
  9. Do you want a Tincture or a Spray? If a Spray what would you like the Aroma to be?

go to the Energy Spray page and pick your Aroma]
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    Click here to email Maggie >
Please include your phone number so Maggie may call you if needed.

You will also receive a brief description of the healing power for each of the flowers you have picked. You can use these to create your affirmation when using the tincture or spray.
You Choose:
Cost $35.00 plus Priority Mail postage.

1 Hour Personal Intuitive Reading from Maggie & Your Formula
$80 plus Priority Mail postage.

Call me, toll-free 1-800-213-7484

Blessings, Maggie



Steps for Creating Your Essence

Flower Cards [page 1]
Flower Cards [page 2]

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