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This has been my first opportunity to thank you for your amazing healing
essences. I ripped open the box and took the tincture and dowsed myself
with the spray. The sense of peace and calm that overtook me was palpable.

You are amazing.
Dr. Janine Talty, DO

I told Maggie about my history of insomnia and that most recently I was relying on medication to get any sleep. After the second night of using her Sweet Dreams Spray I am sleeping straight through. I resist taking medication due to the side effects and continue to have success with this spray. This is wonderful, I am sleeping like a baby.

Thank you Maggie!
Sincerely, Nichole

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful product Sweet Dreams. The very first time I sprayed it on my pillow before I went to bed.. I slept better then I had in ages ....If I do wake in the night I re-spray around my face and head and I fall back to sleep.

This is a wonderful sleep aid, whatever you do to make this ...it is magic.
Thank you so much.
Bobbie Jordan, Oregon

Maggie s flower essences are so subtle you don t even notice they are working, but they do! You may be drawn to one essence and then suddenly don

t need it anymore, that s because these magical formulations really heal.

Carolyn Gross
Author, Speaker, Cancer Advocate


Sleep Better Naturally

Hospice Testimonials

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I do not always sleep well through the night, and I have sometimes used Melatonin, although I don't really like using it. I do not know how safe it really is, especially long term, I have read conflicting reports on how much to use, and it seems to be psychologically habit forming. I recently got a bottle of Sweet Dreams from Maggie. I ve been using it sort of on & off for the past couple of weeks, and it has helped! Even my daughter thinks that it smells great!

I had an illness recently with a really stubborn sinus infection and flu. I could not sleep well and I was very reluctant to use the Melatonin when I was sick. I tried the Sweet Dreams. I sprayed it around my head and pillow before going to bed, and I slept much better for a couple of nights in a row even though I was sick!

I m sure it will be so much nicer to use Sweet Dreams when I need instead of being dependent on some sort of drug! I look forward to spraying it before I go to sleep & having my room smell like flowers at night, in addition to getting the benefit of the wonderful, calming essence!!

Thank You, Maggie!
Scotts Valley, CA

I went to help my daughter after the birth of her second child. My primary role was to take the baby monitor and get up with my 20 month old granddaughter. The first night I was up all night with her. She could cry out and I would find her asleep or sitting up awake but not looking at anything in particular and she would go right back to sleep. I decided to try Sweet Dreams Flower Essence Energy Spray. I sprayed 2 sprays over her crib after she fell asleep and did not get up again with her for the remainder of my 3 week visit. My daughter called several weeks later and said my granddaughter missed me because she had not slept through the night since I left. So I told her about my "experiment". She said send me some, and has been spraying it over the crib every night, my granddaughter has had 3 months of restful sleep.

Pat C

I have experienced panic attacks for many years after having been stuck in an elevator. I would have a panic attack anytime i was in an enclosed space--particularly in elevators. This was so bad that I looked for stairs to everywhere I went. Getting on an airplane I requested a handheld fan and an Ativan if all else failed. I attended Maggie's seminar where I was introduced to "Anxiety Relief" . I was very skeptical but decided to give it a try. I still take the stairs (for exercise) but I can get on the elevator without even the slightest anxiety.. My last plane ride I did not take my fan or Ativan and I sprayed everyone in my row after explaining to them about the Flower Essence. It was the best plane ride ever.

Pat C

Several weeks ago, I decided to use "Inner Beauty" as a facial spritz in the morning after applying my makeup. I spray around my head and just a little on my face, take a deep breath and feel the love. A few days ago, I was looking in the mirror and had a most delightful experience of how beautiful I am. Then I remembered the spray I was using. Hmmm. Coincidence? No. Maggie, your sprays are amazing. They work without effort or attention when we just use them! With loving gratitude, Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D. Internationally recognized bestselling author and founder of

The Angel Ministry

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Maggie Smith has been an invaluable support to the Elizabeth Hospice. She has introduced the use of Flower Essences and Aromatherapy into our programs, both for our patients and the Hospice Community. Her willingness to share her considerable expertise, effervescent personality and exceptional products have made our program uniquely effective. We recommend her enthusiastically!

Nerice Kaufman, M.Div., MA, LMFT
Community Programs Manager,
The Elizabeth Hospice, San Diego, CA

An Alzheimers patient of ours in a SNF who was refusing his showers & bathing assistance became combative during a hospice HHA visit. The HHA who had just been trained in our Aromatherapy program with Essential Oils placed the oils on his own hands and extended his hand in a handshake, calling the patient by name. The patient stated, Oh, that s good, it feels good, and smells good what is this? The HHA replied, Some soothing oil. I would like for you to come with me for awhile. They sat down and the HHA continued to moisturize the patient s hand while talking in a comforting voice to him. He offered to assist him with a shower and the patient agreed. He took his shower, which he had previously refused and was totally cooperative and did not become agitated. The essential oils had made hand to heart connection, grounded and comforted him so the HHA could complete the necessary shower. The HHA called in to the office and said to the Director, You said it would work, and it really did!

Another SNF patient who was having trouble sleeping reported being able to sleep like a baby after having aromatherapy provided by the hospice HHA. She consistently did not want to take sleeping medication unless she really had to because it caused her to become too groggy afterwards. We had the HHA start giving her miniaturization of hands and feet including spritzing of her pillow case, just before sleep and she was amazed at how peaceful and calm it made her, allowing her to sleep. She will not trade her aromatherapy visits for anything.

Rosemary Kirby, VNAIC Hospice, Banning, CA

At the time death of our 84 year old patient, his wife began to wail loudly, a local custom of her birth country. The family which consisted of many children and grandchildren, were present seemed distressed by her continued loud wailing. I sprayed Hope Flower Essence Spray in the room and on a cotton ball which I waved under the grandmother s nose. The results were immediatethe grandmother started to sob gently and the children all started to pray. The change in the energy of the room was instantaneous; it was a wonderful experience to support them in this manner.

Case Nurse, Elizabeth Hospice, San Diego, CA

Thank you or the speedy delivery of the Hospice Kit. I was able to help a patient benefit from your products this week. I must say I was shocked at how quickly and effectively it worked! I m sure I will be ordering more soon.

Sandra Lackey, Community Hospice Inc.

There are a great many skeptics who would debate the value of aromatherapy. I was a skeptic! But at a recent seminar, I had the privilege to meet Maggie Smith. She provides aromatherapy products and trains staff members on the use of aromatherapy at hospice facilities. Before the seminar, I damaged my right arm. I had to wear a brace and was having a great deal of bone pain. When I started talking to Maggie, I told her about my arm. She applied a spray on my arm. I felt a difference immediately and the pain was gone. I actually took the brace off and never wore it again. My peers stated that my arm visibly relaxed. This episode changed my view on aromatherapy and flower essences.

Seeing is believing.

Sherry York, Blacksburg, SC

Dear Maggie,

I wanted to let you know that one of our Massage Therapists, Vera Turner, came in my office to share some great news about one of her patients. She had been giving this patient a weekly massage for the last two months, with no response. She never spoken or even opened her eyes during that time. Last week Vera took the Massage Kit with her and decided to use one of the Sprays in the corners of the room before she started her massage. The woman immediately opened her eyes and thanked Vera and shared how much she appreciated her coming every week to massage her. She did not stop talking during the entire hour and Vera was stunned.

The Sprays really do support our patients.

Wendy Celeste, Volunteer Coordinator
Hope Hospice, Dublin, CA 94568

Hi Maggie,

As I mentioned during our conversation, our Aroma Therapy Program is off to the races after your two-day visit with our organization to train our staff and volunteers! Johnnie, one of our RNs, was the first to check out an aroma therapy kit. He has incorporated everything he learned in the training session into his daily visits with patients and their family members. Johnnie has used the Calling the Angels spray to calm an anxiety-ridden caregiver just one day after signing her husband onto our services; he also brought a daughter, the sole caregiver for her mother (our patient), closer to her mother by demonstrating moisturizing technique taught to us using Heart Awakening oil. When Johnnie left their home, a mother who had not connected through physical touch with her daughter since signing onto our services was enjoying a relaxing aroma therapy moisturizing treatment given by her daughter!

Johnnie shared his first two success stories with our Interdisciplinary Team last week and we now have two additional RNs using the aroma therapy kits, as well as all of our Social Services staff!

Ginger L. Veal, Volunteer Director,
Hospice of Southwest Oklahoma, Lawton, OK

I was asked to visit one of our patients who had become extremely agitated during the course of her disease and ensuing dementia. I took Maggie s Flower Essence Sprays and Oils with me when I went to visit. Upon my arrival she shouted at me to leave the room, I immediately sprayed the room with Hope Spray and asked if I might moisturize her hands with Serenity Oil. She finally agreed and by the time I left she was peacefully sleeping with a smile on her face.

Mary Cruqui, Volunteer,
Elizabeth Hospice, San Diego, CA

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I have been giving Avalanche and Cara Animal Calm essences every day. I've used flower essences before and have never really noticed a difference in either of The Girls. Flower Essence Energy is wonderful! I've been using 3 drops of Animal Calm in their water twice a day. What a difference. Cara, who is usually very excitable, is peaceful and calm, even when company comes to the door! But the most remarkable was Avee. She is terrified of loud noisesshe literally freaks out to the point of needing to give her tranquilizers. Avee did wonderfully over the fireworks season. I say season because fireworks are an ongoing thing for us herethey start during the 3rd week of June and end with July 4th being the grand finale. Your flower essences worked wonderswe didn t have to give her a sedative even onceeven on the 4th of July. Remarkable! I must say when I first started using Animal Calm my dogs were so laid back that I thought maybe I was using too much and they were drunk from the alcohol mixture. However, when I adjusted the dosage they remained peaceful and calm. I m so glad I tried your Flower Essences Energy products.

Sharon Dunn,
Animal Communicator
Aptos, CA

My puppy is energetic and eager to please but his attention was going everywhere. Using the Yippee Puppy essence helped to quiet his mind and he was able to focus: no longer jumping and biting the lead, but walking calmly next to me.

Lorraine Matherly
Owner of Pet Pals
Discount Pet Food and Supplies
June 2007

We have a Female Coyote and Dog, her name is Keeper. After using Animal Calm on her for a couple of weeks, I notice she is not as nervous.

Cris Jakubisin,
American Wildlife Rescue
Felton, CA

Hello Maggie!

The Animal Calm seems to work pretty well! She wasn't quite as

freaked out

in the motor home driving from Santa Cruz, CA to Benson, AZ. Going over the cattle guards made her a little nervous but not shivering, and trying to get under the seat as she had in the past. This is just after 2 weeks, so we are looking forward to and even Calmer Willow on our return trip.

Lynda Katz

My dog s name is Tuca. For the past 5 years I have treated his allergy symptoms with atarax as prescribed by my veterinarian. Recently the cost of atarax increased substantially and I went in search of other remedies. I didn t have to look far Maggie Smith of Flower Essence Energy suggested I try a flower essence formula called Sneezease. Tuca is a whole new, 6 year old, puppy.

Since using this spray Tuca s eyes have stopped watering constantly, he doesn t seem as pre-occupied with rubbing them and his sneezing has almost disappeared. When I spray the Sneezease on his forhead he looks up at me, sniffs and opens his mouth for the spray. I think he even likes the taste. After 6 weeks of using the spray I find that he only needs it once a week. I am so happy to use this natural product instead of giving Tuca two atarax pills per day.

Thank you Maggie.

Love Andrea, Alexander and Tuca
San Diego, CA

My daughter lived alone in Tahoe, with her older dog Page, she would take her along to work in the wintertime, leaving her in the car during the cold days and walking her every few hours. The dog loved it, but when summer arrived and it was too warm for the dog to stay in the car, so my daughter left her at home. Dear old Page would run out her doggie door and miles down the road to find Wendy Rae, she did not want to stay home alone. Next, she put up a wire line between two trees in the shady front yard, with plenty of water and treats. The despondent dog chewed the frame off of the front door; she was one unhappy old girl. I prepared a formula for her to calm her down and make her feel loved. After 2 months of the formula Page never ran away again, she felt loved and happy to be home alone.

Maggie Smith

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