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Kit | Awakening | Purification | Initiation | Earth Wisdom | Inner Strength | Acceptance | Wholeness | Creation

(Eight 1/2oz essences)

Kit includes eight 1/2-ounce essences.

Use these essences to relieve pain, emotional or physical.

Place them on the Chakras, awareness points, or with acupressure or acupuncture.
Use them for emotional clearing or in your environment.

Create a ritual, or use them in the bath.

Combine one drop with sage, cedar or lemongrass.

Place a few drops in a bottle of water and spray the room.

If you have alcohol sensitivity you can apply these essences to the pulse points (wrist and neck) and the essence will be absorbed.

Crystal Sunrise at Haleakala


(1/2 oz each)

This essence carries the energy of air and fire for awakening the wisdom within. When starting a new project or undertaking, take 5 drops of AWAKENING under your tongue or in water which you drink, light a candle and place a crystal at your heart on the day or night of the full
moon. Spend 15 minutes focusing on your
project, becoming clear on the intended outcome, this will awaken your inner wisdom. Created at Sunrise of the October full moon, on the edge of the ancient volcano Haleakala on the Island of Maui, Hawaii.

Kastillian Spring at Delphi


(1/2 oz each)

This essence cleanses away old thought patterns, long held beliefs and angers that keep us stuck in our negative responses to life. Place 5-10 drops of PURIFICATION and your favorite essential oil in your bath. Light a candle and begin your ritual of cleansing and purification. Allow your awareness to go to the 8,000 year old
spring where the Oracle of Delphi purified herself before entering the temple. Cup the water in your hands and as you allow the water to flow over your head and body say aloud: With these waters I am purified, cleansed and made new.
Kit | Awakening | Purification | Initiation | Earth Wisdom | Inner Strength | Acceptance | Wholeness | Creation

Grand Teton Snowflower


(1/2 oz each)

This essence opens the heart to Higher Consciousness, to Creator, Goddess and all that Is. In a quiet space create a simple medicine wheel placing a ritual object representing fire, earth, air and water in each of the four directions. Sitting in the center of the wheel, place 5 drops
of INITIATION under your tongue or in a glass of water which you drink, ring a bell or sound a chime as you face each direction and call in the Great Teachers. Invite them into your heart and receive the I Am presence.

Isle of Skye Fairie Ring


(1/2 oz each)

This essence symbolizes the most ancient of Earth Wisdom from the hills of Scotland, and reconnects us with the original joy that pervaded the earth. Sit on the ground under the branches of your favorite tree and call forth your ancestors profound earth wisdom. Place 4-6 drops of
EARTH WISDOM on the top of your head. Feel the light, joyous energy flow, enliven every cell connecting you with earth. Listen to the wisdom expressed in the birds, trees, plants, the creatures seen and unseen.
Kit | Awakening | Purification | Initiation | Earth Wisdom | Inner Strength | Acceptance | Wholeness | Creation

Torrey Pines Essence


(1/2 oz each)

This essence signifies the inner strength that fortifies us against the elements and all life s challenges. Retreat into your inner space; imagine wrapping a blanket of protection around you. Place 4 drops of INNER STRENGTH under your tongue or in a glass of water that you drink. Take five long deep breaths, center yourself and connect with the deep roots of this Torrey Pine tree that pulls its strength and
sustenance from Mother Earth. Allow the tree s strength to become your strength.

Isle of Skye Fairie Ring


(1/2 oz each)

This essence reminds us of the divine order and perfection of every experience in life. On a tiny island off of Hiroshima, the Sugar Maples brilliant orange, red, yellow and brown leaves glistened in the winter light. Each color of leaf reflects each perfect stage of our life. Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for a half-hour. Place 5 drops of ACCEPTANCE under your tongue, and reflect upon the
things that you are thankful for at this time. Take your notebook and list all of the things for which you are grateful. Place this list where it is easily read. Or write each gratitude on a post-it note and place on a long string, like prayer flags to hang on your bathroom mirror. For one week every night before sleep take 3-5 drops of ACCEPTANCE, reread your gratitude list in your notebook and add the new things for which you are grateful.
Kit | Awakening | Purification | Initiation | Earth Wisdom | Inner Strength | Acceptance | Wholeness | Creation

Temple of Asclepios


(1/2 oz each)

This essence contains the healing spirit of our collective unconscious. Made on a misty afternoon on the steps of the Temple of Asclepios in Epidaurus, Greece, this essence allows your Inner Healer to intuitively direct and align the forces of nature to bring wholeness, balance and
renewal into your life. Take 5 drops of WHOLENESS before you go to bed at night with the intention that your dreams will invoke your answers. Before getting out of bed immediately when you wake up, write the first thoughts of your dreamsyour answersin your notebook, just as they did in the Healing Temples of Asclepios in ancient Greece.

Isla Mujeres


(1/2 oz each)

Use this essence to help make choices, or for divination and transitions. Made at sunrise on the new moon at the Mayan Temple of the Fertility Goddess off Cancun, Mexico. It manifests the joys of your creativity. Add 5-10 drops to your bath water along with flower petals of
your choice. After your bath, light a candle and put 3 drops of CREATION in a glass of water. As you sip the water take your notebook in hand and allow the inspiration of the Fertility Goddess to manifest your desires.
Kit | Awakening | Purification | Initiation | Earth Wisdom | Inner Strength | Acceptance | Wholeness | Creation


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