Flower Essence Energy's flower essences and aromatherapy essential oil sprays are natural remedies that support you on your journey to restore harmony and balance in your life.


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Maggie Smith is currently the United States teaching representative for
“Living Essences of Australia”

In 1977 Vasudeva Barnao began making Australian flower essences. Starting initially in New South Wales, he carried on the research, moving to the botanically renowned “Wild Flower State”, Western Australia in 1980. There he met Kadambii and they began to work together, expanding the range of essences. In depth research has led to a wealth of products covering the common needs of the general public and the specific needs of therapists in health practice. These products are now used in hospitals (pre and post operatively), nursing homes and drug rehabilitation centers. The flower essences produced by Living Essences are also being used by other manufactures of health and beauty products. The staff at Living Essences are dedicated to the health and welfare of all life. It is in this spirit they offer their service. In 1995, in recognition of their research and community work, Vasudeva and Kadambii were invested as knights hospitaller in the Order of the Knights of Malta, a thousand year old philanthropic Order.

Each year in September, Nunjin, the Aboriginal leader of the Noogah tribe leads a “Earth Healing Day” where students and guests are placed in a previously prepared Earthen Flower Bowl, while listening to Aboriginal chants accompanied by Didgeridoo. An amazing wonderful cleansing, memorable experience which can be attended in September.

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